Benita Houses

Another school year has come to the Benita Houses!

Here are some of our kids from Benita House getting ready for a new school year with new clothes and of course, backpacks!


Spiritual Life is an Important part of what we do at Benita Houses.

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Calin was baptized on July 30, 2017.  These are some of the young people who have grown up in Benita Houses from very young ages.  When one of them was asked whose child they were, he replied "I'm nobody's child", but at Benita Houses, everyone belongs to the Benita family.

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Benita International has two homes that host 4 orphans each. These orphans are taken care of by each family as if they were their own. Their needs are met in every way, including medical, but most of all they are loved and taken care of. These children are given a chance at a family which they may never have had. Some of these children come with social and emotional issues, and in some cases traumatic experiences, which can be very challenging. One child didn't speak when he came to us, and now is happy and thriving. To see that change is amazing and encourages us to keep on in this valuable work.